The Energy Economy

Right from the founding of our company, our engineers have been concerned with energy sector themes. Thus we address fundamental energy-economic concerns under economic, commercial and technical aspects. For example, we assist energy supply utilities, development banks, state agencies and ministries in investigating how to reliably meet the future growing energy demand or the transformation of the energy system can be achieved, also under consideration of the political and social environment as well as the smart and market-oriented coupling of the electricity, heating and mobility sectors. For this purpose, energy-economic market studies are prepared and government incentive programs are analyzed, evaluated and further developed.

We support industrial clients with our knowledge of commercial, technical and ecological interrelationships by analyzing, for example, their demand profiles and investigating possible savings potentials through optimizing energy purchases.

Specific services:

  • Energy-economic studies
  • Techno-economic analyses and feasibility studies
  • Expert assessor for arbitration proceedings in the gas market
  • Master plans and roadmaps for energy supply
  • Consultancy, monitoring and evaluating political incentive instruments
  • Market and tariff studies
  • Electricity price forecasts
  • Analysis of power plant competitiveness
  • Integrated infrastructure concepts