Consulting & IT

In our Consulting & IT business sector, we round off the planning and engineering services of our other sectors by providing comprehensive business management consultancy. Within the Fichtner Group, Fichtner Management Consulting is our competency center for international management and commercial consultancy while our broad range of IT services has been brought together in Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH

Our consultancy expertise is founded on, among others, our experience in providing support in strategic, transactional and organizational planning; project governance; and working out diverse IT solutions. Counting to our clients are financing institutes, government agencies and ministries, and local government as well as companies from the sectors of central utility services, waste management and traffic infrastructure.

  • Project Management and Project Governance Project Management and Project Governance

    Project Management and Project Governance

    In a dynamically changing business environment, companies and public contracting agencies are constantly confronted with the challenge of having to manage complex projects of a technical and organizational nature. A key factor for success when handling such projects is a professional project organization and end-to-end project governance under expert and experienced project managers.

    For targeted support of our clients in complex projects with a technically challenging content, Fichtner can offer a comprehensive experience spectrum in the form of technical and methodological expertise in all aspects of project governance.

    Specific services:

      • Project governance throughout all project phases
      • Management support
      • Working tool support for project controlling, reporting and documentation
    • Consultancy on Strategy and Organization Consultancy on Strategy and Organization

      Consultancy on Strategy and Organization

      In a partnership approach, we examine in depth all pertinent aspects of your business activities and contribute our exclusive sectorial expertise. The combination of in-depth sectorial know-how that we have acquired over many years with our methodological and problem-solving expertise plus the balanced mix of conceptual and practical project work is a key factor for success, especially when handling strategies up to their implementation.

      For many years, we have been assisting enterprises in devising efficient methods and procedures organizations to match their specific constraints and conditions, and then to systematically implement these in partnership-based cooperation with our clients. The focus is on specification of clear-cut roles and responsibilities and questioning previous task assignments in a constructive approach as well as on process benchmarking, with analysis and optimization of business practices.

      Specific services:

      • Corporate, business area and division strategies
      • Market and sectorial and competitive analyses
      • Business field development, business plans
      • Innovation management
      • Company and business unit management / controlling
      • Process optimization and efficiency upgrades
      • Organizational development
      • Reorganization and restructuring
      • Benchmarking
      • Change management
    • Transaction Advisory Services Transaction Advisory Services

      Transaction Advisory Services

      Fichtner offers consultancy services to the various players in company acquisitions and divestments as well as tender procedures for infrastructure facilities and services on the basis of PPP models.

      For M&A projects, Fichtner provides consultancy not only for buyers and vendors but also for financing banks. Companies and projects are reviewed under technical, financial and commercial but also environmental criteria, with the emphasis placed on identifying and evaluating risks as well as estimating future CAPEX. The Fichtner Group offers its clients a broad spectrum of services and local market know-how for handling due diligence projects.

      As lead advisor, we assist in all phases of developing and implementing your investment strategy. We structure and oversee national and transnational sell- and buy-side transaction processes. In addition to project control services, we assist you in searching for and speaking to investors or targets, preparing transaction-related documents, performing company valuation, preparing integrated financial models and steering due diligence processes. We provide input on all necessary contracts and oversee negotiations through to financial closing.

      When developing greenfield infrastructure projects, but also when tying private sector players into public authority tasks, Fichtner supports ministries and other public agencies and development banks in compiling the transaction documents as well as in executing the transaction.

      Specific services:

      • Lead advisory
      • Sell-side due diligence
      • Buy-side due diligence
      • Lender’s Engineer/Expert
      • BOO and greenfield infrastructure projects
      • PPP models
      • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
      • Concessions
      • Sustainable energy financing facilities
    • Economic Consultancy Economic Consultancy

      Economic Consultancy

      In order to take well-founded decisions on potential investments, it is essential to have full information on the investment target and knowledge of the economic constraints and conditions.

      Fichtner advises investors and financing banks all over the world in identifying and evaluating investment projects. Further, we provide support for regulatory agencies and other public institutions in developing the economic framework that promotes attainment of national energy policy objectives.

      Specific services:

      • Master plans and upgrade planning
      • Micro- and macro-economic analyses and appraisals
      • Market surveys
      • Sectorial analyses
      • Regulatory management and tariff studies
    • Asset Management Asset Management

      Asset Management

      Asset management is a core activity of any infrastructure enterprise. In partnership with our clients, we assist in developing an effective asset management organization, in working out technical concepts for strategic and operative asset management as well as – jointly with our affiliate FICHTNER IT Consulting – in implementing tailored IT solutions. Naturally in doing so we adhere closely to ISO 5500X.

      Specific services:

      • Organization and staff
      • Risks and reviews
      • Life-Cycle of provision
      • Information on facilities and assets
      • Asset management strategy and planning
      • Taking decisions
    • Arbitration Proceedings Arbitration Proceedings

      Arbitration Proceedings

      Changes in the legal and commercial environment, that often arise subsequently, call into question the viability of investment projects. Particularly in the renewable energies sector, this has the result that generating plants become uneconomic. Delays in the construction of facilities provide grounds for claims against suppliers. Legal interventions that shorten approved operation, like in the nuclear energy sector, result in economic loss. These conflicts are fought out in national and international arbitration proceedings as well as through legal action in courts of jurisdiction. Acting as technical and commercial appraisers, Fichtner assists plaintiffs and defendants.

      Specific services:

      • Determination of damage and damage limitation
      • Technical conformity and commensurability
      • Costs, cost bandwidths and reasonableness of costs
      • Opinion reports and expert appraisals
      • Hearings and participation in other procedures
    • IT Consultancy IT Consultancy

      IT Consultancy

      The more dynamic the changes undergone by companies and their environment are, the more farsighted the IT responses must be to these transformations. Future-oriented organizations create flexibility in their business practices and open up new possibilities for their business models. Future projects based on digitalization under Industry 4.0, with interconnection of digital and customer-oriented processes coupled with the use of data for automation and decision making, permanently change the role of IT within the company.

      With our consultancy offerings, we assist you in your radical development and change process and help you in implementing your digitalization and business procedures through practical advice, game-changing transferable solutions and specific experienced-based sectoral knowledge.

      Specific services:

        • Consultancy for digital business models
        • Development of IT strategies
        • Elaborating IT architectures
        • Conceptual design of IT service management
        • Adoption of IT project management
      • Smart Grids Smart Grids

        Smart Grids

        Existing energy supply structures are increasingly being interwoven with and complemented by multi-layer, cellular and smart networks. Thanks to intelligent information and communication technology (ICT), power generators, networks of all types, storage facilities and prosumers – consumers who themselves generate and store energy – are being integrated across all utility services, energy forms and timeframes.

        Our smart grids projects range from strategic consultancy for governments, public authorities and industrial partners, through integration concepts for individual components, like energy storage, networks, flexible loads and generator modules, up to asset management analyses for incorporating new technology modules into existing infrastructures, specific network analyses, and planning.

        Additionally we assist our clients in selecting and implementing IT solutions for smart grids, like state-of-the-art grid control systems, microgrid controllers, virtual power plants and intelligent measurement systems (paying special attention to smart metering) while considering all critical and current security requirements.

        Specific services:

          • Smart grid strategies and Roadmaps
          • Innovative energy and infrastructure concepts
          • Network development and wide-area grid concepts
          • IT solutions for smart grids
          • Tailored solutions and products for linking Industry 4.0 with smart grids
        • Industry-specific IT Solutions Industry-specific IT Solutions

          Industry-specific IT Solutions

          Often it is not possible to apply off-the-shelf software to innovative business models, IT solutions for gaining a competitive edge or specific performance and reliability requirements but rather they require a bespoke solution. Our wealth of experience in successful implementation of tailored software solutions by our qualified team of developers offers our clients a high quality option at an attractive price. Particular attention is paid to an intuitive operator interface that is matched to the tasks on hand. Through application of proven standard technologies, our solutions are scalable and remain maintenance-friendly.

          Numerous challenging specialist solutions for the energy sector, logistics and public services have been realized by Fichtner in recent years as client- and sector-specific software developments. Our high level sectoral expertise and project managers certified under GPM / IPMA with experience in V-Modell XT guarantee your success.

          Specific services:

            • Consultancy on specifications, concepts and project governance
            • Introduction of customer relations management (CRM)
            • Implementation of tailored solutions and web Portals
            • Creation of cutting edge simulation and optimization tools
            • Software solutions for operative and strategic asset Management
            • Support for maintenance and operation (on premises or via the cloud)
          • Geosolutions Geosolutions


            Conceptual design and realization of geographical information systems with geodata management count to our core competencies. For over twenty years we have been working out highly effective GIS expert solutions for the energy, water and transportation sectors. These GIS applications serve in particular for acquisition, processing and evaluation of data, particularly in technically oriented applications like grid documentation and expansion planning.

            We focus especially on intelligent cross-sectoral web and app solutions for analyzing spatial problems. These applications are fully integrated into the client’s system landscape and serve, for example, as a sales and management cockpit, for location analysis or for easily understandable visualization of complex key descriptors within the BigData context.

            Specific services:

              • Design and realization of (geo)databases
              • Conceptual design and adaptation of standard GIS software
              • Spatial business process solutions / Business Geo Intelligence (BGI)
              • Cutting edge app solutions with 3-D and augmented reality
              • System integration
              • Geodata management: acquisition, measurement, photogrammetry, refinement, integration
              • Support for maintenance and operation (on premises or via the cloud)